biotech campus at georgia tech

jB+a was commissioned to analyze and provide landscape design recommendations on the southern edge of the new Biotechnology Quad that fronts Ferst Avenue, a major circulation route on campus. The existing landscape was struggling due to poor conditions that remained after the construction process. jB+a provided a hardscape and landscape evaluations. An analysis report made recommendations to the Office of Capital Planning and Space Management on improvements to pedestrian circulation through the quad, as well as enhancements that would foster a higher success rate for the development of new landscape design. The recommendations consider the University’s desire to migrate towards a more native landscape environment and the regeneration of an urban forest. jB+a also analyzed the existing irrigation system researching and facilitating an alternative resource for irrigation water from storm water runoff and waste water from the buildings chiller units.

Biotech Campus at Georgia Tech
Southern Boundary Landscape Renovation
Atlanta, Georgia