Quality service is the first and foremost commitment of our employees. The key to our good relationships with clients, contractors, and suppliers is the responsive nature of our employees. We understand your issues are important and your desire for a quick response is one of our priorities. Our ultimate goal is to create land that is livable, maintainable and sustainable in an exciting and innovative environment.

Livable - People live, work and play in the landscapes and hardscapes created by jB+a. Landscapes are to be "worth living" in and should be "able to be lived with." Our designs are for people and our goal is to enhance their quality of life by creating innovative and inviting outdoor spaces.

Maintainable - The short and long term value and cost may be determined by maintenance more than installation. The landscape must be maintained for its continued existence.

Sustainable - Landscapes change over time. The quality designs at jB+a provide environments of lasting vitality and creativity. As the land changes, plants grow and the rocks age the strength of our fundamental designs become evident.

Timely service can save us all money, because time is money. Quick, accurate turnaround of design ideas, drawings and construction documents lead to a good working relationship. We continually try to exceed our client's expectations.

commercial design studio
Creative environments for office, retail, industrial, religious and mixed use facilities are provided by the Commercial Design Studio.
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education design studio
Formulating sustainable, innovative and maintainable campuses and student open spaces is our goal. read more

hospitality design studio
From large scale resorts to boutique hotels, the jB+a Hospitality Design Studio is creating relaxed atmospheres for your guests. read more

housing design studio
If you are dreaming energetic livable neighborhoods of condominiums, apartments, townhomes, subdivisions or mixed uses, we offer quality and timely design services.
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park design studio
We are creating dynamic outdoor environments for sports complexes, conservation parks, greenways and urban parks. read more

urban design studio
Shaping community places involves
a blend of creative design and public safety concerns for streetscapes, town centers and urban plazas. read more